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♥ Missy

Fourteen :D
15/12/1994's my big day :D
14/02/2004's my Spiritual Bday :D
City Harvest Church N327 :D
I'm single / attached
Naval Base Primary School
Presbyterian High School


what i love :D


my dislikes! D:
TEA ):
Worms and Bugs ):

John 15:17
This is my command:
Love each other♥

they are my love(:
♥N327 ;D {/280308
♥SOOCHEENstead ;D {/270408
♥AMADEAcheese ;D {/160508
♥XIAONINGniang ;D {/040608
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♥TIFFANYcoach ;D {/150908
♥YIQIANdarling ;D {/141008
♥SABRINAbff ;D {151008
♥ECCENTRIC4 {/040107


You don't have a name for
nothing , Tag with one(:

-Santa ;D

my wishes
15th birthday(:
New spectacles(:
Purple contact lenses(:
M.A.C. Lipgloss(:
Dr Martens' Boots(:


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Not forgetting this faithful blogger :D
♥ 9 May 2009

Ohwell, dead blog after all ><
Really wanted to post about alot of stuff today,
But argh, emotions have a powerful ability to control you :O

Hahas, yesterday was Darren's bday! (8May)
Let's talk about ytd(:
Heh, ytd was rushing coursework since I woke up at 9!
Supposed to wake up at 5, to meet the deadline- NOON -.-
Apparently, i finished at 5, 5pm! ><
Printed for Atiqah(:
See I'm nice and friendly! ;D
My research was freaking 14pages long and I didnt even research on everything properly lah.
Atiqah's was 6 pages, with many many spaces -.-
Then Mummy wanted to go Orchard John Little cus got sale (which ended on May7)
Then she looked around for some Santa Barbara and Hush Puppies polo tee.
And my Dad's bday gift, forgot to mention, it's my Dad's bday as well.

Browsed around, walked around.
Then I saw this MR MEN shirts! :D
Sooooo Prettayeeeeeeeeee~
Hahas, so I looked thru the clothes, and ZOMG. 40% discount lol! :D
Then there was this pretty shirt, Mr Happy(:
I got it for Darren's bday anw(:
Say THANK YOU :D , remember ur manners! x)
Then I bought this sour jellybean sweet :D

Then she went off for work, I walked from Somerset to Orchard.
Heeren, Paragon, Wisma, Tangs, Fareast, Lucky plaza..
Went to Fareast in search of my vintage belt :D
Wanted to get one for my denim shorts, so plain loh -.-
I was alone, so duh, usual, walked around and didnt really shop lol.

Fyi (For your information),
Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off :D
You know how Chris, Terry and Mingsoon celebrated his bday?
Bring him go watch Horsemen, I said it was scary and asked him to watch monsters vs aliens!
Then he say: You know why? Cus NC16..
I laugh until pong sia! x)
Then he go KPool, open billiard table(:
Cus must be 16 and above, hahah! x)
Joke of the day!
Hahas, I admire people for having such wonderful celebs(:

Hmm, or rather last night.
Wanted to ton the whole night cus I thought of an idea! :D
Alright, Darren probably won't see this(:
I folded 160 straw stars for him hah!
Then folded till 4am and Mum came home,
forced to bed -.-
Decided to wake up at 7am to continue and go out.
Alright, was bombed by Sebastian.
Hahas, fine.
He only called once :x
Met him under my block to go Macs for breakfast! :D
Ohman, miss him to the coreeee! ;D
Cus his NS camp is at Khatib camp!
Right beside my house :O

Had real lotsa fun(:
Chatted real lot.
Then I walked him to busstop and walked home.
Tummyache :/
Can't really have heavy breakfast immediately after I wake up ):
That's the consequence :x
Supposed to meet Kathie for lunch!
I bet she's still sleeping :D
Then gonna work w her.
And shopppp, gonna go Sticky to get Darren's lolly!
I hope it stops him from smoking :DDD

Hmm, post the photos when I get home.
I think I'm going shop now then work alrd, its 3.35 :O
Ohwell, so stress nowadays D:
Toodles! <3


♥ 3 March 2009

(aka soccer player!)

My English cum Fnn Partner! ;D
Your #1 Diehard Soccer Fan here! x)
I want to live a carefree life! :]
Hahas, this is the thing that Mdmlee gave me for V'day(:
I want to be like that bee! (:
Paint me a rainbow,
After the dark has gone,
Sunshine appears and,
Colours will show(:

PE! :D
hahas, I was having bad eyesight for past two days! ):
Now still! D:
My right eye is so irritating! ):
So I missed Pe ;x
Phobia for flying objects! Hahas!
And I was nice, I gave Yanyiin a heartshape cus she sick!
Fnn, Vitamins!
Hahas, I love Jendy!
She always give me sweet when I complain I'm hungry :D
She's my Fnn Theory partner! Hehes(:
I gave her a heartshape too :D

Recess was only 10mins! ><
Ate from chickenrice stall! :D
English had a talk about Anorexia :/
The videos freaked me out uh, x_x
You should've seen how freaking skinny the girl was!
And her stomach refused the food she ate, she eat so little! D:
Groupwork was funfunfun! :D
Maths, hahas inequalities are fun and easy! (:

Chinese suck big time, yo! ):
But I got extra one point for common test! :D
21/50! Still failed -.-
Stupid teacher always pick on me! ):
And now he lost my letter-writing book, wth!
And he's pushing the blame to me? *Applause!*

Went home straight, have tuition today! (:
Walked with Jan to Mrt<3>
Boringggg dayyyy!
I wanna see school counsellor tmr! :D
She's always nice to talk to about ur problems! (:
And here's my common test results :]
English: 22/40! :D
Chinese: 21/50! ):
Maths: 33/40! :D
Physics: 7/30! ):
Chemistry: ?/30! :
Literature: 16/25! :D
Social Studies: 16/25! :D
Geography: ?/25!
Food and Nutrition: 26half/40! :D
Grayson{ Hahas, never call me spermhead alrd uh! ;x Hahas, must come and support me at my show then! :D Thankyou! (:

Made a smile on my face for a moment :D
But, I'm greedy for more of you ><
You'll never fade from my memories,
Embrace me <3


What is your strongest emotion?
Your Result: Love/Happiness

It appears love and peace and prosperity is your strongest emotion. You want everyone to be just as happy as you don't want anyone hurt and will do anything to make everyone smile

Lust/Attention Whore
What is your strongest emotion?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Hahas, boredom.
Shucks, 2.30am!
Homework, untouched! ;x


My 7hours of hard work and labour! :D

Pretty shot uh! <3

Sabrina, Bestest! :D

Tag replies! (:

Aidan{ I know ur english is good lah! Please simplify :D Where's my MILO? )':

Mingfeng{ Hahas, ur a super nice guy lah! Thankyouuuuu! (:

Xuting{ Hey babe, hahas, :D

Janrie{ JANJAN(: Love you too! Hahas, couple phone yo! ;D

David Santos{ Hahas, thanks. You are? (:

Celestine{ Hahas, nope, I cannot stand to see myself in a horrible state! ;x Must change for the better prettaye! (: Don't worry more than me! Hahas(:

Reyes{ Hahas, really? Let's challenge :D Kidding! ;x OKAY!! :D My paris present ): Haha, kidding ><

Jason{ Hahas, agree(: Yupyup, jying x1000 ><


Zhenping{ Of course! I posted bout you babe!

Janrie{ Last reply :D Janrie SWT made a joke HAHAHA. {Charlie Babbit made a joke, haha} :D


Hahas, its like 12.30am!
My bro just handed me the comp(:
Now gotta rush geography and fnn :D
Lucky I did my minerals mindmap on Saturday(:
Yupyup, looks like most of my homework are in yo! :D
Only English and Chinese hahas!
And a lil fnn :/
I suck at language subject, HOMEWORK lah ;x

Today was quite a fun day! :D
But it still feels empty without you,
You just stay etched in that part of my long-term memory :/
Sigh, how I wish I can turn the clock back.
Don't torture me anymore!
Rahhrahhs! ;x
Got back chinese common test, yay!
Improvedddddddddd! :D
20/50! :D
Lolol, last time 14 okay ;x
Hahas, yaochongfei gave me jelly(:

Esaint is sick, hahas!
He wrote 'mudder poosy' on the whiteboard.
Then MrsPeh asked what is poosy lol!
And she's like indirectly saying cb :/
Whoops! ;x
And Esaint was showing off his armpit hair uh! -.-
To MrsPeh and asking if she got more than him!
Gross! Hahas! ;x

Social Studies made us ROFLed! :D
Hahs, Jan uh Jan.
Stupid jokes ;D
The 'Mr Nathan' (?) is like bald.
Jan went like:
He shaved his hair instead of his beard, zz.
Look like pubic hair -.-
What the! ;x

Okay, I'm in a sickass class! x)
Brainwashed ;x
Whoops, kidding! :D
Supposed to meet Tania and tutor her Emaths haha!
But got dance!
Sorry Tania! ;x

Danceeee! :D
Awww, jianglaoshi is gone forever! ):
He's my first dance tchr yo! ):
Learnt new stunts today, hahas, sup fast!
Joshua was so jealous of Nicholas! :D
Cus Nicholas got to lift Chuan Hsin up and down, hehs(:
Went bubbletea myself for dinner,
It was rainingggg! ><
Enjoyed the weather though(:
Was really nice, plus I was on my own.
Heavy rain, till drizzle.
Little dark, little sunshine.
Music, that relates.
Hahas, FOOOOOOD that i like :D
Oh wow wow!
Walked to Mrt station,
Sat facing the grassy side for 20mon,
With the music and the ambience(:
Then I went home, felt really good :D
But felt like tearing though, idk why :/

Did my tuition homework,
Cut my nails shorter,
Practiced guitar till blisters ;x,
Gonna complete geog and fnn homework now,
Updated my blog(:
With photos too!

I miss the past,
Don't let it be a past,
Let it be the present ):
Something's just missing,
And that should be you..
Please don't leave me alone )':
Talk to me, like you would.
Wait for me, like you would.

Was having modelling workshop in the morning.
Nowhere else to go, Khatib Macs!
Studying okay(:
Sebastian came and went(:
Wainee came and stayed :D
Jason came and stayed :D
Sisi came and stayed(with her friends) :D
Thanks guys, for making my day! (:
Tell you some big news,
I spent 7hours doing minerals mindmap -.-
Jason treat me hot fudge sundae,
Thank you Jason! :D
Wainee is bestest! (:
I love heeeer !
{Some photos never rotate, beats nothing uh(:}
CAMWHORE, whoops! x)

THIS, is how guys zilian -.-
And we picked it up, uh-oh!

Sunday service! (:
Went church early at 10am! :D
To learn guitar from Jason! (:
Hahas, spent my day with Zhenping Clone.
And, Edwin came for service!
Hahas, ER ZI! ;D
He gave me two teenage posters! (:
Bible studyyyy.
Christian Lifestyle 2!
4pages long, lols(:
And rained heavily!
Rain, rain, go away T_T
So Clone and I spent 1hour half in the cafe hahas.
Camwhored too ;x
In her camera though(:
Hahas, and there was this yummy corn snack(:
If you see it must buy for me okay! :D
Hahas, and Grayson cut his hair!
GAH, hahas, still look good lah(:
Loveeeeee her to the max! <3
{My Corn Clone :D}


♥ 23 February 2009

I must change, I have to change, I should change, I can change.
"Change ur attitude and ur friends will come back to you"
"Nothing is perfect, these are obstacles to make you stronger"
"You can't expect things to go ur way, ur not God, He has a better plan for you"
"Move on, everyone's moving and ur not"

Life's not going well today ):
But good news, i've got through my modelling audition I went ytd.
Well, and i've got 33/40 for maths test and 26half/40 for fnn.
I think I really suck uh ):
I'm not being a good person,
a good friend,
a good family member,
a good student,
a good christian,
a good salesperson,
a good model,
I think i suck big time ):

God, I need you..
Change me..
I'm gonna let go of you now,
God, promise me history's not gonna happen third time ):
Excuses, stop finding excuses Mandi.
I just want to be the best I can,
But I'm not doing it right,
Teach me, people out there.
Help me.
Love me.
I'm sorry )':


♥ 21 February 2009

Being random(:
Saw this at someone's blog,
Out of boredom:

1) Do not repeat your answers
2) For 1 to 5, fill them in with names of friends (or enemies, if you prefer)
3) 6 and 7 should be colours
4) 8 is an adjective,9 is a place,10 is the name of a song
5) 11 is the name of an artiste, 12 is a TV channel,13 is an animal
6) ENJOY and spread the joy! :)

#1. Rachel!
#2. Sabrina!
#3. Zhenping!
#4. Grayson!
#5. Yiqian!
#6. Pink!
#7. Orange!
#8. Lovely!
#9. Church!
#10. Love Story!
#11. Taylor Swift!
#12. Cartoon Network!
#13. Rabbit!

1)Who is 1 (Rachel) to you?
Aiai! (:
2)How would 2 (Sabrina) respond to a 7 (Orange) 13 (Rabbit) ?
Sabrina's gonna scream at that orange rabbit! :D
3) {I dont see a question3! ><}

4) What is something 1 (Rachel) would do to 4 (Grayson) ?
Haha, say hello and start talking! :D
5) Is 5 (Yiqian) a stalker?
Of course not! She's my Darl! :D
6) What significance does 6 (Pink) hold in your life?
Hmm, it's like a really sweet and lovely colour that brightens my day! :D
7) What would you do if your skin turned 7 (Orange) one day?
I'd jump and hit the roof, cus im currently BROWN! :D
8) Which of the listed people [1-5] would you describe with 8 (Lovely) ?
9) Who [1-5] are you most likely to go to 9 (Church) with?
I found 4 in church! And I go to church with them every sunday alrd! :D
10) How does 10 (Love Story) describe you?
It's how I want my love story to be like! :D
11) Who [1-5] would be most likely to hate 11 (Taylor Swift) ?
Haha, 1 dont really like her ): 2 is another great fan! :D 3, 4 and 5 is okay with it(:
12) How does 12 (Cartoon Network) describe 2 (Sabrina) ?
She acts like the characters in it! x)
13) How alike are 13 (Rabbit) and 3 (Zhenping) ?
Clones! They have similar cuteness and teeth! :D

Satified my boredom for 15mins(:


Alright, havent been blogging for quite awhile huh ;x
Busy with common tests and I camped at Rachel's for how many days uh ;D
Loveeeeeeee their family! <3
Sigh, cant post photos lah ):
Try again tonight :D
Now at Rachel's(:
What should I do today? (:

Yesterday was super fun!
I rush-study my SS uh,
Actually SS is easyyyyy!
But I never study ):

Dance was like, SUCK ):
Cus every dance session i'm freaking left out.
Damn Jiang just refuse to get me a group.
Until ytd when MsTay placed me in Jan's team.
I don't wanna be any ordinary dancer,
I want the spotlight on me.
I want to be the best dancer in the team.
So many things are stopping me,
GB >:(
Wednesdaysssss! ):
I want xulaoshi,
I want SYF,
I want danceeeeeee.
I want the main role ):
But thanks Amanda, alw being there for me during dance(:
Telling me how to improve myself,
Saying encouraging phrases(:
And thanks for the "Very nice!" you alw say to me(:
Hope March starts soon then I can go dance on monday too!
I'm gonna do all I can to get into SYF(':

Met Sabrina at my house lol.
She's like sup automatic :D
I hook the key beside the door then i go shower,
When i'm out she was like standing in front of me! :D
Saying: "I'M HOME!"
Hahas, her second home! ;D
Walked to Rachel's function room(:
Her mum is a good cook! ;D
Communication for evangelism! :D
Then Rose's boyf and friend told me that i look chio today -.-
And I look super chio in Pe Shirt, LOL!
Jason taught me sth new on how to play Love Story on guitar :D
Camped at rachel's(:
Slept sup early, yo.

Can't really rmb wehat happened in the past few days though ><
Just remembered I stayed over on the night before Maths test at Rachel's :D
Next day the father drove us to school, hahas.
How cute, like my sister like that x)
And 4periods of maths! (:
I'm starting to loveeee maths cus of simonyeoooo!
My tuition teacher :D
Alright, I can't wait for sunday!
I miss Church!
And, you(:

Sigh, just once, please.
History is repeating itself again )':
Occupying my heart, all the time.
This feeling never die,
Where's ur destination ?


♥ 17 February 2009

Upload photos later !


Haha! First post of the year , what an achievement! ;D
Right, i promised jan i'm gonna post last week haha! ><
At least i'm posting here yo! :D
Gonna cut the stories really short :D
Cus im gonna post for a week? x)
Teehee , PHOTOS add life! (:

Right, today no pe! (:
MrTeo wasnt in school, chionged evaluation.
Fnn was like sup fun!
Lol IncredibleHulk Babiessssssss! :D
Kristal is my lovelaye partner, yo! (:
My english partner too :D
Xiaoning and Tricia were opp us(:
Tricia's looked like GIANT FISHBALLS! xD
Everyone laughed their asses off ;D
There was a LIZARD in the kitchen today! ):
Haoboon, James Bond II saved us! ;D

Recess, with Rachel Aiai(:
English Common Test D:
Too wordy for my summary alrd, minus one point! ):
Maths, got 13half upon 20 :D
KRISTAL POWER!!! 20/20 :]
Chinese yay, Aiai !
Hoho, Mdm Lee and Choipeiling~
Mdm Lee wants to cut my hair by 2inch if i never pin up again ):
She said she did it to 3Compassion alrd ._.
Got back my painted shoes from Ahava(:

Rachel's mum fetched me home again! ;D
I feel like a family, haha! (:
Rachel's like my dajie!
Shina's like my xiaomei! [alw calls me 'Mandi Jiejie' :D]
Mum's like my mama!
Dad's like my papa!
The parents alw drive me home,
& the dad got me macs before :D
& they come to church!
& I camp at their house for countless nights, hah(:
& (So much more you dont wanna read ><)

Youtubed, TUTS MY BARREH(:
Laughs! x)
Tuition, nearly dozed off.
Shit me, I dont have the themes mindmap from mrs goh~
DIE x_x
Lipin Cupcake, hah, thanks babe for saving me! (:

Yesterday, 16february(:
Fnn Common Test!
Flunkkkkkk! x_x
Never study, but read thru abit ;D
Chinese, yay, Aiai :D
Chemistry was 'FUNNAYE' :]

Joke of the Day :
Jan thought it was recess, and missed chemistry!
Hah, i thought she was like somewhere in the class at first!
She had like 1 whole hour to study for ss test, but she rotted around x)
Hahah, sotong queen(:
I was her ONCE, but i went for lesson 10mins after :D

Recess, cant be bothered to actually study my ss.
And i was SUP HUNGRY, yo ._.
Geography, burning like shit.
My seat is stolen! ):
Gonna charge my phone there next lesson if my seat's still missing ;D
Maths, revision -.-
TARGET : 1/13, and i'd be happy :D
What crap sia, so easy -.-
And i didn't study, if not can pass ><
First test for subject i never took before, not bad lah :D
English, I miss MARCUS YEO D:
[Gave him one of my kuih bingkar last week in tissue,
He went like: OMG, That looks like a.. PANTYLINER
And Kristal and I practically lmao-ed! ]
Literature, group work, nothing much(:
Lift home again! :D

Sunday, 15february(:
Woke up sup earlayeeeee z(U_U)zzzzz..
Practically sleepwalking i tell you ><
Waited for Sabrina at Yishun.
Supposed to go prayer meeting, too late alrd! ><
How coincidental, the train with kimseng and 'thetallguy' arrives.
We boarded and smiled(:
Friendly yo, peace out :D
Jurongggggggg Easssssssst!
Sabrina was making a tune for my song,
"There's no teenagers around to hear me sing so its okay! :DD"
I asked if chunfu was behind her,
TAADAA, bingooo!
Jianhui too, sweatshirt and pants, wow? :]

Went to JurongPoint's BK to have breakfast, chompchomp!
Freaking full ._. *tummy explodes in 3,2,1, BOOOOOM*
Bused to church(:
Chunfu and sabrina were like having drawing comp.
Chun= fool in chinese(dumb) , Fu=Fool(dumb)
Chunfu= double dumb ;D (take note)
Learnt guitar from Jason, yay!
Loveeeeee Storyyyyyy~
Now i can play : C , G , F , Am(:
What an achievement :D
Now I practiced like an hour plus a day,
I got the starting of YourCall and some parts of LoveStory.
And 4 dumb blisters ):
Service, gosh i was so distracted i tell you :/
Love the first praise song, forgot the name ):
Valentine's weekend; Ring,Kiss,Vows exchange~
*Envious, heh*
Lunch @ coffeeshop, usual.

Orchard, here we come!
{Rayner, Lipin, Zhenping, Sabrina, ME!}
Heh, they both so sweet lah(:
Kinokuniya -.-
Supposed to meet sebastian, but too late and too far ><

Saturday, 14february(:
Happy Valentine's Day, Loves<3
Super shiok, natural wakeup! :D
No GB!!! *Hiphiphoooooooooray!*
I say 'no gb' you say 'ohhhhh' ,
I say 'no gb' you say 'layyyyy' ,
I say "NO GB!"
Ypu say "OH-LAY , OH-LAY , OH-LAY , OH-LAY!"
*Adapted from Zhenping Clone! (:

Supposed meet Clone 1.30, then 3.30.
But her Npcc ends at 3,
So i decided to go Orchard and get my belt for my vintage tmr(:
Then time kept dragging,
So i went to walk loads of circles all around,
Till i got bored to the core,
Went to look for Sabrina and Yubin.
Then lunched at Kfc -.-
Clone say dont know how to go taka,
Dont wanna come anymore,
And she went home )':

Paragonnnnn! (:
One of my favourite hangouts in Orchard.
Yubin left us at Paragon.
Then walked around,
Saw Grayson and co. :D
One really pretty pair of glossy black boots going at 50%!
Sup prettayeeee !
Stalker, buy for me! *one of Clone's catch phrase when she wants sth :D*
Gosh, i want Marks and Spencers chocolates(:
Yummmmmmmmy! ;D
And Sabrina found out that she's SO SKINNY,
That she cant even fit the smallest size of clothes,
Walked around, went home.

That was one boring Valentine's day I had ):
Sigh, most enjoyable for others but not for me..

Friday, 13february(:
Happy birthday AndrewWonggg , SeanWonggg! :D
Teehee, distributed the chocolates to most people.
Still somemore I haven't give yet uh!
Plus i haven't write cards luhhhhhh~
GAH behind time, im farfarbehindddd.
Was in GB uniform whole day,
Celebrating total defence -.-
Wow, and pre-Vday huh ._.
How do the new principal celebrate?
Ans: Off all lights and fans for first two periods.

Wow, right, burns our arse off.
Hot man, we're the only ones cant take off cap ):
And, yay CHINESE yo !
Ringgggg, fire drill.
Drags our feeeeet, like duh it's fake.
No one cares, haha ;D
Miss Tay was like crying alrd,
Consent forms only 1person handed in,
Complaints from manyyyyy teachers,
And stuffs.
Everyone was scared,
We never seen her like this before.
First she was screaming her head off,
Now crying her eyes out ):

Recess sucked, I was freaking hungry.
We were all living on potatoes, wow.
Uhuh, don't work for me ><
Ate my 'Rejected' chocolates,
Those too ugly to be given away x)
Assembly was quite fun :D
Chineseeee, and SURVEY!
In the cousellor's room,
Quite fun uh, like I need counselling like that ><
She found out i didn't have lunch and gave me a muesli bar :D
How nice of her lah!

Danceeeeeeee <3
But, feels like strangers to me.
And, I feel like i don't belong there anymore ):
Had a lil chat with Mrs Goh(:

Had quite a number of gifts :D
Rachel, Sabrina, Janrie, Jan, Jean, Jianhui, Tania, Grace, Tiffany, Wendi, Tricia, Xiaoning, Darwin, Jendy, Forever21(gave me a rose), Ms Eugenia Lim, Mdm Lee!
Thanks peeps(:

Alright, lazy to go on too ><
Off to do literature factsheet,
Toodles ! ;D

You still flashback in my mind every now and then,
I'm too much into you to forget about you,
Not to say let you go, just give me hope,
Even if it's false hope, I don't want to let us be history.


♥ 5 December 2008

hello hello !
gosh , so long since i posted .
back from Japan !
Gosh , im like having jetlag (?)
going for caroling and cgm later(:
man , i miss N327 !
haha got some gifts for you people ;D

2009's gonna be a new beginning for me !
i'm gonna change and be a better person !
i'm gonna complete and submit all my homework on time .
i'm gonna top my class ! [i'll try my best(:]
i'm gonna spend time with God everyday !
i'm gonna STUDY hard , PRAY hard ! :D
i'm gonna change for the better ! (:

well , there's a purpose for everything !
3humility .
well , worst express class ,
but i'm gonna make the best of it ! :D
i'll give it my best shot , gonna study like mad .

icecream .
im gonna sell my best every time i work !
break my sales record ! :D
i love my job !
now no more allowance and need to chip in to the house $$$ .
God provided me with a good earning job !
weeee (:

N327 ! CHC !
haha i love these people !
and i love my cluster !
i spend most of my time with these folks ,
esp my cluster(:
Aihui , Jozzy , Jossy , Sherri , Yiqian Darl , Rachel aiai , Shurong Munchy , Lipin Cupcake , Sabrina ~
haha , LOVES ! :D
every friday and sunday's our day !

I wanna grow spiritually too(:
I wanna fulfil my arise and build !
I wanna do well for my studies !
2009 , The time for a change !

( and i seriously cannot adapt to Singapore ._. )

Calendars are required in my life now :D

#1. Japan
#2. Japan
#3. Japan
#4. Back !
#5. CGM
#7. Service ! *Kelvan's Bday*
#10. Class chalet !
#11. Class chalet !
#12. Class chalet !
#13. Cambodia ! *Jozzy's Bday*
#14. Cambodia !
#15. Cambodia ! *My Bday!*
#16. Cambodia !
#17. Cambodia !
#18. Back !
#25. Merry Christmas ! :D
#31. Countdown ! :D

-loads unupdated yet ><
will post again !


♥ 14 October 2008

Hello hello ! (:
went to school early today , got back exam scripts .
wasn't very good though , hmm :/
then i went home ! :D
changed and went to Johor with mum (:
then shopped quite little , but bought some stuff ;D
i bought a 'dress' , kneelength socks , cookiemonster shirt , gum :D
haha , gonna share the gum ! (:
see how nice i am ><
then homed at around 7pm ,
gonna go rachel's house to get trackpants ! :/
then go buy shampoo and insect repellent .

tmr going for camp alrd , its at this jalan bahtera or sth .
typical camp lah , absailing and flying fox ==
its like , primary 6 pahang trip = sec 3 taman negara trip
WOW , lols , age gap -.-
i think the camp wont be so exciting , i dont know .
not gonna bring phone , so will reply all texts only on FRIDAY !
will be back home at around 1pm :D
then will be going for the mount faber trip at habourfront with cg (:
gonna be funfunfun !
hope i'll enjoy the camp uh (:
gonna pack now , back with postsss !
and , GAH , been having hiccups all day ! D:
toodle doos ~ ;D

*haha , i keep forgetting !
yiqian : haha , ur a star ! appeared in many of my photos :D 1500photos post till you sleep uh !
wainee : haha we were all tying weirddddd hairstyles :D haha yiqian , wainee say last time you not cute leh :P kidding (:
passerby : haha no no , every friend is given by God and i want EVERY FRIEND :D im gonna cherish every single one of them ! loves <3
jason : haha , SCHOOL IS STARTING LAMER :D haha thanks(:
chunfu : hahaha ! which one ! the L.O.V.E ? thanks for comingggg ! (:
evan : haha , MRFUNNY :D visit often ! (:
yiqian : yo darling ! <3
desmond : POST ! see , i posted too :D
jialing : heyyo prettaye , relinked ;D
zijian : ohman , so lazy uh ! whoops , next time ya (:
reyes : haha , thankyou ! ENJOY PARIS OKAY (:
desmond : haha of course ! i make one mah ><
jingxian : haha good good , you must come every week then desmond come also okay ! (:
rachel : I LOVE YOUUUU ~ <3
soocheen : STEAD ! now you dont have to scroll so longggg ~
amanda : BOO ! haha , loveeeees (:


hello hello ! (:
gonna post the photos now :D
anw , on tuesday after home econs paper ,
rachel and i went to amk hub to print photos :D
then came to my house to make even more chocolate ;D
made for jonathan , desmond , my mum , xiaoning .
now i gotta make for tania and tiffany as SUPER BELATED PRESENT ! :/
whoops , sorry ! ><
and then we went to yiqian's house to celebrate , tons of photos uh .
shurong , lipin , rachel , yiqian and i (:
that lovely 5 <3>

then i went to stay over at rachel's house .
then we were fooling around the whole night lah :D
then did our art prep in the morning(:
whoops , practically rushed through .
and haha , jonathan came too , in the morning .
note that down lols .
and yup , now here's the long awaited photos :D

That's my darling , happy birthday ! (:
Love that chocolate ?
Made by Rachel and I ;D

Hey it's the TRIO ! (:

Here's a heart from me to you , Darling <3

Hoho , Camwhore :/

LEELIPIN rocks my ass , yo :D
Cupcake ; Muffin {170608}

My cute ones ,
Munchy and Aiai <3
How adorable (:
That's my lovely aiai <3

{/ Together as one
We are one body and our hearts beat as one ,

L.O.V.E <3>
That's how you spell us :]