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♥ Missy

Fourteen :D
15/12/1994's my big day :D
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John 15:17
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Not forgetting this faithful blogger :D
♥ 1 January 2008

THIS is for my english literacy homework! I'm doing the AR activity- review and blog it! :D
*to teacher: erm, please dont bother bout e sentence up thr =x*

By: Christopher Paolini

Eragon, a 15-year-old boy, lives with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran on a farm on the outskirts of a small village called Carvahall. While hunting in the Spine, a large range of mountains running down the West side of Alagaësia, which is believed to have mysterious happenings, Eragon is surprised to see a polished blue stone appear in a mystical flash in front of him. After failing to sell or trade the stone, Eragon witnesses a baby dragon hatch from the "stone," which was in reality a dragon egg. He questions Brom - the elderly town storyteller - about the Dragons and the history and ways of the Dragon Riders.

Eragon names the dragon Saphira after hearing Brom mention the dragon's name. He raises the dragon in secret until two of King Galbatorix’s servants, the Ra’zac, came to Carvahall looking for the egg. Eragon and Saphira manage to escape by hiding in the forest, but Eragon's uncle Garrow is fatally wounded and the house and farm are destroyed. Once Garrow dies, Eragon is left with no reason to stay in Carvahall, so he goes after the Ra'zac, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his home and his uncle's death. He is accompanied by Brom, the mysterious and seclusive town storyteller, who insists on helping him.

Eragon becomes a Dragon Rider through his bond with Saphira. On the journey, Eragon learns sword fighting, magic, the ancient language, and the ways of the Dragon Riders from Brom. After passing through a tower and acquiring information in the town of Teirm, Brom, Eragon, and Jeod (Brom's old friend) conclude that the Ra'zac reside in the city of Dras-Leona in a cathedral called Helgrind. At Helgrind, the Ra’zac lure Eragon, Saphira, and Brom into an ambush. Murtagh rescues them although he is a stranger. Brom is gravely injured and dies shortly after — but not before finally revealing to Eragon that he was a Dragon Rider, whose deceased dragon shared Saphira's name. Saphira knew about it from the moment she saw Brom, but she didn’t tell Eragon because Brom requested her not to. Eragon buries Brom in a tomb of stone and Saphira converted it into pure diamond.

Murtagh becomes Eragon's new companion. Although Murtagh is very reluctant, the three of them travel in search of the hidden hideout of the Varden, a strong rebel group within a larger group that Eragon and Brom were trying to reach. On the way, Eragon has dreams of a strikingly beautiful elf, all of which feature her suffering in a prison cell. While stopping near a city, Gil'ead with an inhabitant that could potentially reveal the Varden's whereabouts, Eragon is captured, drugged, and imprisoned in the same jail that holds the elf. Murtagh and Saphira stage a rescue and Eragon escapes with the unconscious elf. During the escape Eragon and Murtagh battle with a Shade - a sorcerer possessed by evil spirits named Durza. The fact that a Shade is walking freely in the land deeply disturbs Eragon and he suspects that Galbatorix is planning something terrible. The Shade (Durza) is shot between the eyes by an arrow from Murtagh and disappears in a mist.

After escaping, Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh go in search of the Varden across the Hadarac Desert into the Beor Mountain range in the Southeast portion of Alagaësia, carrying the unconscious elf with them. When she does not wake after a week, Eragon becomes increasingly concerned and tries to reach her using a form of reaching into peoples minds which Brom taught him. He discovers that her name is Arya and that she has been afflicted with a rare poison. She tells Eragon that she has put herself into a self-induced coma, to slow the poison, but also mentions that if they do not reach the Varden soon, she will die. She then tells Eragon how to find the Varden’s hideout.

The group is pursued by an army of elite Urgals, called Kull, as they travel to the Varden's fortress, hidden deep within the Beor Mountains. Along the way, Eragon discovers that Murtagh is the son of Morzan, the first and last of the Forsworn(the thirteen Dragon Riders who turned on their own and helped Galbatorix rise to power, also known as the wyrdfell to the elves).This causes Eragon to lose trust in him. When they reach the Varden, their pursuers are defeated. Arya is given the antidote, Tunivor's Nectar, just in time and recovers quickly. Meanwhile, Eragon learns of the pact between the dwarves, the elves, and the Varden. He also learns that Saphira's egg was magically teleported to the Spine by Arya. He is then told that the Shade Durza was, shockingly, not destroyed by Murtagh's well placed arrow. For the only way to kill a shade is to stab its heart.

The group is at last able to rest, although a new invasion is imminent. When the battle begins, the Varden and dwarves are pitted against an enormous army of Urgals, deployed by Durza and Galbatorix. During the battle, Eragon faces Durza again and uncovers the Shade's childhood memories. Eragon receives a serious disfiguring wound on his back during the fight. Durza is about to capture Eragon, so as to take him to Galbatorix, when Saphira (now able to breathe fire) and Arya create a distraction, diverting the Shade's attention long enough for Eragon to stab him in the heart, just before he blacked out. After Durza's death, the Urgals are released from a spell which had been placed on them and begin to fight among themselves. The Varden take advantage of this opportunity to make a counter-attack. During Eragon's unconsciousness, a stranger contacts him through his mind and informs the young warrior that he is wanted for training in the land of the elves. He awakes to find Angela, the Witch of Teirm tending to him. He then realizes that he has a long painful scar where Durza slashed his back. Murtagh and Arya reunites and the story ends.