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♥ Missy

Fourteen :D
15/12/1994's my big day :D
14/02/2004's my Spiritual Bday :D
City Harvest Church N327 :D
I'm single / attached
Naval Base Primary School
Presbyterian High School


what i love :D


my dislikes! D:
TEA ):
Worms and Bugs ):

John 15:17
This is my command:
Love each other♥

they are my love(:
♥N327 ;D {/280308
♥SOOCHEENstead ;D {/270408
♥AMADEAcheese ;D {/160508
♥XIAONINGniang ;D {/040608
♥LIPINcupcake ;D {/170608
♥RACHELaiai ;D {/??0808
♥SHURONGmunchy ;D {/130908
♥TIFFANYcoach ;D {/150908
♥YIQIANdarling ;D {/141008
♥SABRINAbff ;D {151008
♥ECCENTRIC4 {/040107


You don't have a name for
nothing , Tag with one(:

-Santa ;D

my wishes
15th birthday(:
New spectacles(:
Purple contact lenses(:
M.A.C. Lipgloss(:
Dr Martens' Boots(:


Cellgroup N327 :D
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Gio :D
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Jason Tan :D
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Rachel :D {/Aiai(:
Rebecca Yeo :D
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Reyes :D
Sabrina :D {/BFF(:
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Sheryl :D
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Sisi :D
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Tiffany :D {/Coach(:
Vivian :D
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Wanting :D
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Xiaoning :D {/Niang(:
Xiaoye :D
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Xuting :D
Yanyee :D
Yiqian :D {/Darling(:
Yiyuan :D
Yueling :D
Zann :D
Zenglin :D
Zhenxuan :D
Zijian :D



Not forgetting this faithful blogger :D
♥ 21 April 2008

This is strictly only for human . do it if you are ;D

1) Would you choose your best friend or the one whom you love.?
- im greedy can i have both? ;D

2) Would you forgive your best friend if she stole the one whom you really love.?
- if he loves me, he wont be stolen(:

3) What do you see in your one whom you love?
- every single bit in him .

4) What do you see in your best friend?
- character .

5) Which do you think is more important.? Friendship or Love.
- friendship. he have friends too(:

6) What does love means to you ?
- a reason to live .

7) What does friendship means to you.?
- a gift .

8) How does love makes you feel.?
- blessed .

9) How does your best friend makes you feel?
- i noe ur thr for me forever(:

10) Would you prefer a romantic date with your lover or a hangout with your best friends for a chill-out?
- both! ;D

11) Would you prefer hanging out with the one you like or friends.?
- depends .

12) What do you think of the one you love?
- you're th best! [:

13) Do you think you and the one u love are compatible.?
- thats not for me to answer(:

14) Would you let your best friend have the one u love?
- if he loves her.

15) What would you wish for if you had one wish.?
- 3 more wishes(:

16) What is your first wish.?
- everlasting friendship.

17) Second wish.?
- everlasting love.

18) Third wish.?
- 3 more wishes(:

19) What would you reply if the one youlove said hi to you?
- "hello[:"

20) Do you love yourself?
- yeah ;D