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♥ Missy

Fourteen :D
15/12/1994's my big day :D
14/02/2004's my Spiritual Bday :D
City Harvest Church N327 :D
I'm single / attached
Naval Base Primary School
Presbyterian High School


what i love :D


my dislikes! D:
TEA ):
Worms and Bugs ):

John 15:17
This is my command:
Love each other♥

they are my love(:
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You don't have a name for
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-Santa ;D

my wishes
15th birthday(:
New spectacles(:
Purple contact lenses(:
M.A.C. Lipgloss(:
Dr Martens' Boots(:


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Not forgetting this faithful blogger :D
♥ 14 October 2008

Hello hello ! (:
went to school early today , got back exam scripts .
wasn't very good though , hmm :/
then i went home ! :D
changed and went to Johor with mum (:
then shopped quite little , but bought some stuff ;D
i bought a 'dress' , kneelength socks , cookiemonster shirt , gum :D
haha , gonna share the gum ! (:
see how nice i am ><
then homed at around 7pm ,
gonna go rachel's house to get trackpants ! :/
then go buy shampoo and insect repellent .

tmr going for camp alrd , its at this jalan bahtera or sth .
typical camp lah , absailing and flying fox ==
its like , primary 6 pahang trip = sec 3 taman negara trip
WOW , lols , age gap -.-
i think the camp wont be so exciting , i dont know .
not gonna bring phone , so will reply all texts only on FRIDAY !
will be back home at around 1pm :D
then will be going for the mount faber trip at habourfront with cg (:
gonna be funfunfun !
hope i'll enjoy the camp uh (:
gonna pack now , back with postsss !
and , GAH , been having hiccups all day ! D:
toodle doos ~ ;D

*haha , i keep forgetting !
yiqian : haha , ur a star ! appeared in many of my photos :D 1500photos post till you sleep uh !
wainee : haha we were all tying weirddddd hairstyles :D haha yiqian , wainee say last time you not cute leh :P kidding (:
passerby : haha no no , every friend is given by God and i want EVERY FRIEND :D im gonna cherish every single one of them ! loves <3
jason : haha , SCHOOL IS STARTING LAMER :D haha thanks(:
chunfu : hahaha ! which one ! the L.O.V.E ? thanks for comingggg ! (:
evan : haha , MRFUNNY :D visit often ! (:
yiqian : yo darling ! <3
desmond : POST ! see , i posted too :D
jialing : heyyo prettaye , relinked ;D
zijian : ohman , so lazy uh ! whoops , next time ya (:
reyes : haha , thankyou ! ENJOY PARIS OKAY (:
desmond : haha of course ! i make one mah ><
jingxian : haha good good , you must come every week then desmond come also okay ! (:
rachel : I LOVE YOUUUU ~ <3
soocheen : STEAD ! now you dont have to scroll so longggg ~
amanda : BOO ! haha , loveeeees (: